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Firefighter Gear Lying on Truck


The Haas Alert provides an extra layer of protection for first responders  when they are out on a call. When a fire apparatus activates their warning lights , driver's are alerted of an oncoming accidents or incidents and can prepare to move over or avoid


Prevent Collisions with Digital Alerts

When responders activate apparatus emergency lights, approaching drivers receive real-time digital alerts to slow down and move over. These are delivered via apps, navigation systems, or mobile devices to drivers up to 30 seconds in advance and reduce the risk of collision by up to 90%. 

Manage Fleets with a Situational Awareness Dashboard

The Safety Cloud Situational Awareness Dashboard lets managers keep track of on-the-move personnel in real-time. Location, alerting status, incident statistics and history enhance short-term safety and long-term strategic management. Customizable and secure, the Dashboard allows interoperability between coordinating agencies across towns, cities, and states.


Alert Other Responders to Prevent Fleet Collisions

Responder-to-Responder (R2R™) Alerts allow responder vehicles to directly communicate in the field for enhanced safety and collision prevention. An in-dash notification system alerts responders when an intersection with another responder vehicle is detected.  Responders have time to reduce speed and avert collisions for safer incident response.


Integrate Systems for Enhanced Protection

Safety Cloud is designed to seamlessly integrate with any public safety fleet and your existing telematics and connectivity platforms. Capitalize on your current investments in fleet management by simply activating Safety Cloud protection on already-installed hardware.

Integrate Our Transponder with Your Lights

The HA-5 connects with lightbars to automatically send digital alerts to other drivers when emergency lights are flashing. The transponder easily connects to any lightbar or E-Master and integrates with most existing set-ups. Users enjoy easy installation, upgrade capabilities, and even better, there’s minimal down time and no data plan.

Responder-to-Responder Alerting

Responder-to-Responder (R2R™) alerts notify fire and EMS crews when other Safety Cloud-equipped vehicles in active response mode are imminently approaching the same intersection. A set of lights attached inside the vehicle alert operators that a potential collision is imminent, providing critical warning to slow down.

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