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Firefighter Gear Lying on Truck


Zico Ziamatic's recent product introduction assists departments storing SCBAs in body compartments. The 180 Swing Down provides ergonomic donning of compartment stored SCBAs from a comfortable standing position.


Moving SCBAs out of the crew cab? Don compartment stored SCBAs from a comfortable standing position.



  • Bracket slides out over the lip of the compartment, then flips end over end to a convenient height for quick, safe, and easy donning from a comfortable standing position​

  • Great for storing first attack SCBAs outside of the crew cab and reducing firefighter exposure to harmful carcinogens​

  • Storing SCBA facing the rear of the compartment helps keep straps and hoses from being caught or damaged by the compartment door​

  • Two powerful locks, a tray lock and a backplate lock, hold the assembly firmly in place until needed. Spring clips and a positive holding strap keeps SCBA secure.​

  • Minimizes straining and injury caused by reaching upwards for a heavy SCBA​

  • Allows for easier inspection of SCBA and harness



  • For compartments with 24-1/2″ H x 12″ D minimum usable space

  • Lowers SCBA valve 14-1/2″ from compartment shelf

  • Extends SCBA harness approx. 21″ from the apparatus sidewall


Models Available

  • 30-Min. 4500 PSI Cylinder: Model QS-FD-180-5

  • 45-Min. 4500 PSI Cylinder: Model QS-FD-180-6

  • Unit Less SCBA Bracket: Model QS-FD-180-LB


  • 30-Min. 5500 PSI Cylinder: Models QS-FD-180-LB + SC-50-H-5-SFPHS

  • 45-Min. 5500 PSI Cylinder: Models QS-FD-180-LB + SC-50-H-6-SFPHS

  • 60-Min. Cylinders: Models QS-FD-180-LB + UH-7-60-2-PHS + NEF


180 Down Swing.jpg
180 Down Swing.jpg
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