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This fire resistant hood has been designed to offer total protection to firefighters, from not only fire but also from dermal exposure risks to different toxic and carcinogenic particles.

To specifically combat dermal exposure, it utilizes a trilaminate FR fabric to protect the most vulnerable areas of the head and neck. Composed of two layers, the first is made of a mixture of Nomex® fabric, Viscose FR and Elastan, plus an intermediate layer made of a non woven meta-aramid textile sheet of DuPont ™ Nomex® Nano Flex, which acts as a barrier against harmful micro and nano particles.

Unlike other flame retardant hoods and anti-particle balaclavas on the market, it incorporates HeiQ Smart Temp Cooling technology. This allows for increased comfort for firefighters in extreme situations, helping them to automatically regulate their body temperature and thus reducing the risks of fatigue, dehydration, heat stroke or even heat stress derived from exposure to high temperatures.


The BUFF particulate hood is certified by UL to meet the requirements of NFPA 1970-2018

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