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Fixed Pattern

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High Flow - Low Nozzle Reaction - Fast Knockdown


Light Attack

Heavy Attack

90 - 200 GPM

95 GPM @ 50 PSI

200 GPM @ 100 PSI

175 - 425 GPM

250 GPM @ 50 PSI

425 GPM @ 100 PSI

Blitz Attack

250 - 500 GPM

325 GPM @ 50 PSI

500 GPM @ 100 PSI


Screen Shot 2022-09-05 at 1.21.01 PM.png


  • The ports at the base of the barrel create an air aspirated stream that allows for exceptional foam quality 


  • Typically nozzle flows of 350 GPM can only be achieved with 2 1/2" Nozzle and even then it can require significant manpower to handle the line.


  • The Vindicator Nozzle provides exceptional flow in comparison to traditional nozzles due to its unique design


  • The Vindicator provides both flow and low pressure that still provides mobility.

  • Similar to the smooth bore design, Vindicator nozzles are able to operate at 50 psi NP, providing excellent mobility without compromising flow

  • A recent independent evaluation highlights the performance of the Heavy Attack Vindicator utilizing a 20° elevation and the effective distance was measured where the stream footprint was delivered

Smooth Bore

Combination Nozzles

Vindicator Nozzles


  • Low Heat Absorption

  • No Foam Application

  • Breaks Apart when overpressurized

  • Low Mobility

  • High Nozzle Reaction

  • Low Flow

  • Kinking Hose

  • No Fog Pattern


  • High Flow

  • Low Nozzle Reaction

  • High Mobility

  • Penetrating Stream

  • Operate at 50 PSI

  • High Heat Absorption

  • Able to Over Pressurize

  • More effectvive against flammable liquids

How does it compare to Smooth Bore and
Combination Nozzles?

  • High Heat Absorption

  • High Flow

  • Low Nozzle Reaction 

  • No Hose Kinking

  • Operate at 50 PSI

Performance Studies

FDNY Vindicator Fire Nozzle Evaluation Report

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Sevice - Vindicator Evaluation

Vindicator Nozzle Demonstration 

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