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Pumper Tanker 

Scroll down to see some of our Pumper Tanker deliveries

Grey Highlands.JPG
Southwest Middlesex Glencoe - Crop.JPG

Municipality of Southwest Middlesex

- Glencoe Station

Chassis: International two (2) Door Chassis
Engine: Maxxforce 9 330HP
Transmission: Allsion EVS 3000
Pump: Hale AP 500 GPM Pump
Water Tank: 1500 Imperial Gallon

Accessories: Rosenbauer FX Body, Elkhart Sidewinder EXM Monitor, Fireman’s Friend Intake, Portable Tank Storage, Rosenbauer EZ Climb Ladder and Swivel Dump.

Grey Highlands.JPG
Nippising Township Fire Dept - Crop.JPG

Township of Nipissing

Chassis: Freightliner Two (2) Door Chassis
Engine: Cummins ISC 330HP
Transmission: Allison EVS 3000
Pump: Rosenbauer NH 55 1250 GPM Pump
Water Tank: 1000 Imperial Gallons

Accessories: Rosenbauer FX Body, Akron Firefox Front Bumper Monitor c/w Joystick Control In Cab, Hi Pressure Hose Reel with Nozzle, Portable Tank Storage and Rosenbauer Swivel Dump

Grey Highlands.JPG
Belleville Maverick - Crop.JPG


Chassis: Freightliner M2-106
Engine: Cummins 345 HP ISL
Transmission: Allsion EVS 3000
Pump: Rosenbauer NH55 1050 IGPM Pump
Water Tank: 1500 Gallons
Foam Tank: 20 Gallons


Accessories: Rosenbauer Maverick Pumper/Tanker, Rosenbauer FX Body, Front Bumper Mounted Elkhart Sidewinder EXM Monitor, Swivel Dump with Electric Valve, Electronically Operated Portable Tanker Storage, Two (2) 1 ½” Speedlays with removable trays, Side and Rear Camera System, High Pressure Booster Reel, Rear Traffic Advisor and EZ Climb Ladder.

Grey Highlands.JPG
Alnwick Haldimand - Crop.JPG

Alnwick Haldimand

Chassis: International 7600 Four Door Chassis
Engine: Navistar 410 HP
Transmission: Allison EVS 4000
Pump: Rosenbauer N 1050 IGPM Pump
Water Tank: 2800 Gallons
Foam Tank: 30 Gallons

Accessories: Rosenbauer Pumper Tanker, Rosenbauer FX Body, FRC TGA 300 Pressure Governor, Foam Pro 1600 Foam System, FRC Scene Lighting, FRC Spectra Telescopic Lights, Firemans Friend Direct Tank Fill, Hydraulic Enclosed Folding Tank Carrier, Hydraulic Hosebed Covers, Rosenbauer EZ Climb Ladder, Swivel Dump and On-Spot Tire Chains.

Grey Highlands.JPG
St. Clair - Crop.JPG

St. Clair - Courtright Station

Chassis: Freightliner M2-106 2-door
Engine: Cummins L9 350 HP
Transmission: Allison EVS 3000 Transmission
Pump: Rosenbauer 5000 LPM N PTO Pump
Water Tank: 1500 Gallons

Accessories: Rosenbauer Smart Cab, Rosenbauer FX body, FRC TGA 300 pressure governor, Foam Pro 2001 System with electric foam fill, Whelen M9 scene lighting, FRC telescopic scene lighting and 360 degree camera system, Firetech 48” hi viz brow light,  TFT Front Mounted Tornado RC monitor with in-cab controls, Innovative Controls water tank level display with Monster Slave displays and a hydraulically operated folding tank carrier. The unit is equipped with a fireman’s friend tank fill and 180 degree swivel dump on the rear.

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