This material offers the highest thermal protection available and is a quality textile that looks good, feels good and has the durability and abrasion resistance necessary to last.


NOMEX Titan® was developed through a partnership between Dupont and Hainsworth Protective Fabrics in England.


This outer shell material carries the unique property of "active air entrapment". It consists of NOMEX® on top and a Kevlar® grid underneath. When the fabric is exposed to extreme heat such as a flash fire situation, the two fibers react differently causing the Kevlar® layer to consolidate and ripple while the Nomex ® grid remains undamaged.


The rippled Kevlar® layer creates pockets of air known as "active air entrapment" between the outer layer and the Kevlar® grid and the moisture barrier. Air is one of the world's lightest and most effective heat insulators and this unique outer shell fabric harnesses this natural thermal barrier.






1126/1160 - COAT FEATURES

Convertible Radio Pocket

Full Cargo Hand Warmer Pockets

Flashlight Holder

ID-Card Hanger / Pass Alarm

MIC Loops

Double Layer Outer Fabric on Cuffs

Reinforced Elbows with Double Layer Outer Shell

Raglan Sleeves

Stash/Medical Glove Pocket

Heavy Duty Velcro Closing

Crosstech Water Well System in Wrist

Tube knitted wristlets of Dupont Nomex

Torso Thermal Liner Extended  To Top of Neck Collar

Drag Rescue Device

Detachable Drop Down Name Panel

1126/1160 - PANT FEATURES

Diamond Crotch Insert

Full Bellows Reinforced Cargo Pockets

Zipper Velcro Front Closure

Take Up Straps of Dupon Nomex

Elastic Intake On Waist

Goretex Anti-Wicking Barrier to Minimize Water Absorption

Reversed Boot Cut

Double Layer of Outer Shell in Cuff

Prebent Knees

Reinforced Knees with Dupont Kevlar

TITAN is a patented Dual layer, Advanced Woven Fabric System


The two layers are woven together using a special weave pattern, which allows the innovative fabric system to work effectively 

The fabric system reacts to extreme heat as experienced in flash fire conditions. The Hainsworth TITAN consolidates causing the layer to ripple and remain undamaged. 

The rippled layer of Dupont Kevlar creates air pockets, which offers the garment wearer a greater heat insulation when it is most needed

VIKING MACS also allows you to personalize and optimize your suit more than ever before!


Empowered by a military-inspired system of webbed loops, the firefighter is enabled to attach performance enhancing features and accessories right where he wants them – where they are easily accessible and do not interfere with other equipment.


The VIKING MACS system is similar to the modular, adjustable system often incorporated into combat gear and backpacks. The system allows the firefighter to quickly and flexibly attach and reposition pouches, pockets or other accessories to match individual preferences, tactical requirements and the equipment carried.  


Simply pull the straps through the loops and attach them with a snap. Choose from a wide variety of modular accessories to get a suits that fits your exact needs. 










PBI® Matrix combines the high-performing, heat and flame protection of PBI Gold with a durable matrix of high-strength 400 or 600 denier filaments to reduce wear and tear. This combination results in:


  • PBI flame and break-open protection
  • Increased abrasion resistance
  • Improved trap tears





TenCate Millenia™ XT - Highest Ratings on many aspects - Peak Performance option 

tenCate Millenia™ XT- Rip Stop weave, Natural color only 7.5 oz/sq. yd.(40% Zylon®/60% Para-aramid Technora®) with finish of TenCate Super Shelltite™.


  • Highest thermal stability. Retains strength and flexibility even after thermal exposure. 
  • Greatest strength retention. 250% stronger after thermal exposure than any competitive outer shell. 
  • Best initial strength. 40% greater strength than any other outer shell. 
  • Greatest flexibility. Supple hand enables more freedom of movement in tight spots than any other protective fabric. 
  • Most durable. Unbeatable in durability and overall wear life. 
  • Top performance in Taber abrasion resistance.






TenCate Gemini™ - Strong Ratings on many aspects


  • TenCate Gemini™ or PBI Gold Plus® with PBI Matrix® Technology – Natural (Gold) and Black 
  • Constructed of 7.5 oz/sq. yd. spun yarns of
  • Reinforced with PBI® and Dupont™ Kevlar®  with a network of filaments made with Dupont™ Kevlar®  treated with an advanced water-repellant finish of TenCate Super Shelltite™.





TenCate Advance Ultra™ - High Ratings on many aspects - Peak Performance option


  • TenCate Advance Ultra™ - Natural, Black Gold and Yellow. 
  • Its unique patented construction, engineered from a blend including brand fibers of DuPont™ Kevlar® , provides superior strength, durability and thermal protection that stands up to the heat.  Better strength (tensile and tear) after thermal exposure, better abrasion resistance and excellent thermal protection.”





TenCate Advance™ Good Ratings 


  • TenCate Advance™ - Black, Gold, Yellow, Khaki
  • Constructed of a 40% Dupont™ Nomex® and 60% Dupont™ Kevlar® blend with a ripstop weave, weighing approximately 7.0 oz/sq. yd. The outer shell is treated with a water-repellent finish of TenCate Shelltite™ and can also be treated with an advanced water-repellent finish of TenCate Super Shelltite™.






TenCate Brigade®- Good Basic Ratings 


  • Dupont™ Nomex® - Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, Tan, and White  (TenCate Defender™)
  • The plain weave fabric of Dupont™ Nomex®, weighing approximately 7.5 oz/sq. yd. is treated with a water-repellent finish and can also be treated with an advanced water-repellent finish of Tencate Super Shelltite™.
  • “OMNI 45”™  Basofil® fabric-fabric – Yellow, Black, AuBrown (OMNI 45™ or Barrage™)
  • Constructed of 40% Basofil®/60% para-aramid fiber with a ripstop weave weighing approximately 7.5 oz/sq. yd. The outer shell shall be treated with a water-repellent finish.





Constructed of 5.0 oz/sq. yd. woven of Dupont™ Nomex®pajama check substrate laminated with a Crosstech® membrane


GORE RT 7100®


by W.L. Gore incorporates a non-woven substrate of Dupont™ Nomex® weighing approximately 4.0 oz./sq.yd.




The DUO suit offers all the standard coat and pant features available on the 1126/1160 suit. In addition, the DUO suit is available in several dual colour options.


Colours: Black, Red, Yellow, Gold, Orange & Lime Green


MOLLE Attachment System 

Elastic Outer Shell

Detachable Outer Shell

Handwarmer Pockets

Dupont Kevlar Reinforcement

Reverse Boot Cut

Internal Kneepad

Inner Liner Securement

Adjustable Mic Pocket

Change, Add or Move Pockets easily with no stitching   


Elastic shell allows increase maneuverability and eliminates coat lifting when reaching 


Outer shell can be removed to prevent transmission of elements, exposures and bodily fluids


Provide additional wear protection in wrist and ancles


Provide insulated and lined pockets on exterior of jacket    


One pocket that fits any radio, every shape and size


Eliminate unnecessary cuff wear


Provide optimum protection and comfort in the knee when crawling or kneeling.  


Adopted from the ski industry, the inner liner can be tightened and secured




How it works

The outer shell in the jacket and trousers are attached to the liner with a zipper system. Before you get back into the fire truck, simply unzip the outer shell from the liners and place it in the dissolvable washing bag.


When you get back to the station, throw the bag in the washing machine. This reduces your exposure to dangerous chemicals and prevents them from contaminating the truck, the station and the people handling the suits for washing.

Cancer risk among firefighters is a major concern all over the world. Together with firefighters in the field, VIKING has developed and tested a tactical solution for the next generation of protection. When you are out on a call, your outer shell is often exposed to dangerous particles. With VIKING’s new Guardian suit, you just remove the outer shell and you have a wearable suit for the road home, limiting the contamination of the vehicle and your body. 



Removable Inner Liner

Convertable Radio Pocket

Coat Pocket

Pant Pocket

Reinforment in Dupont Kevlar at knee, hem and calf

Reverse Boot Cut  

Pre-bent knees with detachable internal kneepad

Pant Pocket

Coat Pocket

Flashlight Holder

Pre-bent elbows 

Zipper Extends to Collar


Anti-wicking barrier to

minimize water absorption

Drag Rescue Device (DRD) 

Flashlight Holder

ID-Card Hanger

Torse thermal liner extended to top of neck collar

Microphone loops

Convertible radio pocket

Reinforced elbows with

double layer of outer fabric

Full cargo/handwarmer


Water well system in wrist and wristlets with tube knitting

Full bellows reinforced

cargo pockets

Pre-bent knees with reinforcements

Double layer of outer fabric

on cuff

Zipper Velcro front

closure on pants

Reversed boot cut




Slick, lower friction properties of a Glide Thermal Liner add enhanced freedom of movement and more comfort to your turnout gear. This amazing low friction capability is a result of our patented weave—the only face cloth with 60% DuPont™ Kevlar® Filament Technology. In addition to low friction, Glide provides the ultimate in moisture management as it wicks perspiration from the body and dries quickly - keeping you cooler, drier and more comfortable








Iso’Air®: heat protection, high breathability.

Iso’Air® acts as an incompressible spacer between the lining and the outer fabric to protect the firefighter from both fire and heat. It is superior to other systems due to the pockets of trapped air held in the non-woven






TenCate Defender™ M strikes an optimum balance between protection, garment life, comfort and cost. Since its introduction in 2007 the material has saved a great many lives. TenCate Defender™ M is regarded as the new standard for the heat and flame-retardant uniforms.




Kevlar reinforcement at sleeve hem and elbows

Adjustable Collar

 Shoulder Reinforcements

Elastic Style Outer Shell

Flashlight Pocket

Coat Pocket

Pant Pocket

Reinforment in Dupont Kevlar at knee, hem and calf

Reverse Boot Cut  

Pre-bent kneed with detachable internal kneepad

Straps for harness

Handwarmer Pockets

Pant Pocket

Coat Pocket

Radio Pocket

Pre-bent elbows 

Detachable Outer Shell