Rosenbauer is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fire fighting vehicles and is represented by a sales and customer services network in over 100 countries. The Group’s core competence lies in mobile fire and disaster protection, particularly with regard to the development and production of the very latest fire fighting systems and firefighting vehicle superstructures. Rosenbauer produces a complete portfolio of fire fighting vehicles according to both Europea and North American standards and provides the fire services with a full range of equipment through the combination of vehicles with extinguishing systems and an extensive equipment program.

Central States Fire was founded in 1982 when Harold, chief of the Lyons, South Dakota, Volunteer Fire Department, was asked to equip an apparatus unit for the department. In less than five years, the company was producing 50 trucks annually for Midwestern fire departments.


Today, the company is characterized by industrial production that is strongly oriented towards the fulfillment of individual customer wishes. When it became a partner and officially created Rosenbauer America in 1998, Central States was already active in 32 states, and today, Rosenbauer America has full national coverage. The Rosenbauer South Dakota division continues to be under the direction of Harold Boer and offers a full-line of apparatus, including pumpers, tankers, rescue vehicles, and aerials.



The South Dakota Division has an output capacity of around 700 vehicles per year and is able to produce practically the entire firefighting range including pumpers, rescues, aerials and special trucks such as industrial and wildland vehicles. 


Rosenbauer Minnesota was founded in 1929 by Kevin Kirvida’s, the current president, grandfather. General Safety firmly established its tradition of manufacturing top-of-the-line apparatus in 1950, when General Safety’s production work for military bases received the U.S. Army-Navy’s E Award, the highest recognition given to civilian companies. Over the course of the next four decades, the company’s reputation continues to grow.


General Safety now produces pumpers, aerials, airport crash vehicles and industrial units. They are regarded as one of America’s leading providers of finely crafted, customized fire apparatus. Today, it forms Rosenbauer Minnesota. 

Rosenbauer Minnesota, LLC., one of Rosenbauer America’s four production centers, is located in Wyoming, MN. The Plant specializes in custom vehicles, technically demanding fire service trucks, which are manufactured according to individual customer requirements. In addition, vehicles are produced for export along with two types of PANTHER ARFF.  







Rosenbauer South Dakota, LLC

100 Third Street

Lyons, SD


Rosenbauer Minnesota, LLC

Rosenbauer Motors, LLC


5181 260th Street

Wyoming, MN


Rosenbauer Aerials, LLC

870 South Broad Street

Fremont, NE