The Hackney Emergency Vehicles Group is a part of VT Hackney with a heritage that dates back to 1946. VT Hackney is a market leader in transportation related bodies ranging from Hackney's emergency vehicle products to Kidron refrigerated bodies and trailers.


In 2005 the company became a company of Vision Technologies Systems (VT Systems), which is a world-wide company specializing in marine (ship building), aerospace (Boeing aircraft conversions), electronics (satellite, ruggedized laptop computers and peripherals), communications (radio gateway, network routers) and land systems (emergency vehicles, beverage and food transportation, paving equipment). This new strength will provide unlimited resources for continued innovation and growth well into the 21st century.


The company has manufacturing sites in Washington, North Carolina (corporate headquarters and specialized vehicles manufacturing); Independence, Kansas (delivery and refrigerated body and trailer manufacturing); Kidron, Ohio (refrigerated body and trailer manufacturing); and Montgomery, Pennsylvania (refrigerated body and trailer manufacturing).