Lithium Battery System 

Diesel Gen Set


  • Provides extended time on scene operation without chassis engine running.


  • Adds a diesel gen set to provide 12v and 120/240 power without chassis engine running.


  • Includes 30 amp alternator, 40 amp battery conditioner.
  • 7.9 kW 120v power w/load center


  • Requires LED lighting


  • Replaces chassis battery with lithium high amp deep cycle battery.


  • Provides up to 8 hours on scene operation of basic NFPA lighting without engine running.


  • Requires LED lighting*


  • Options:
    • LED scene lighting
    • 120v A/C Inverter
    • Diesel fired cab heater



  • Adds 2 deep cycle high amp batteries


  • Provides up to 3hrs on scene operation of basic NFPA lighting systems without chassis engine running. 


  • Requires LED lighting*


  • Options: Diesel fired heater in cab


Deep Cycle Battery System