The world around us is constantly changing. Based on the megatrends in firefighting, Rosenbauer is already designing the firefighting vehicle of tomorrow - today.‚Äč


In road driving mode the concept fire truck has a ground clearance of 9.84 Inches. If necessary, the vehicle can be lowered by 3.94 inches at the scene, thus providing convenient access for driver and crew


The remote controlled crawler manipulatorhas compact dimensions, cab be loaded with up tp 1,653 lbs and is multifunctional due to the capacity of the modules. Both the simple transport of heavy objects such as the hydraulic rescue device or a portable pump and the use of a water turret for firefighting operations are examples of applications that are possible without any problems with the crawler manipulator


The CFT is equipped with intuitive operating fields. The one-button operation as well as a deliberate focus on the main functions simplify the operation for the user. The central display inside the cabin is also the central control unit and serves as an information screen for the crew. Individual functions in the controller can be stored and personalized as the fire departments require. 


Compared to a standard vehicle with the same maneuverability, the CFT offers more space in the equipment compartment. Water and Foam tanks could be installed in various sizes, as each vehichle is designed to easily grow with the requirements of the wheelbase. The rear compartment also offers individual and innovative solutions. For example, the CFT has been equipped with a lifting platform to accommodate various manipulation systems. 


An integrated high-performance LED surround lighitng ensures 20 times higher luminosity in the CFT than in conventional firefighting vehicles. The extreme luminous intensity of the LED strip running horizontally on the vehicle allows homogenous and glare-free light and shadowless illumination when working at the scene. The Concept fire truck is also equipped with a covering light and warning lights. 


Against the backdrop of future trends such as the silver society and gender shift, Rosenbauer anticipates the need for a reduction in removal heights and is already focusing on the economic stowage of equipment in the vehicle. The lower able undercarriage allows all CFT equipment to be easily reached from the ground. The usual hinged steps have been omitted as there is no need to climb onto the vehicle roof. 



In the cockpit, the CFT is equipped with a rotating driver and commanders seat. A conference seating arrangement for the crew cab was chosen to improve communication using the operational briefing. The main control station serves as a central information point for all occupants. 

Fully Connected

The CFT is equipped with a WIFI access point as well as the Rosenbauer EMEREC operations management system. The wireless control panels allows the unctions of the CFT, as well as drones, to be controlled from any location. In the event of technical problems, the built-in background assistance system also enables external access to the vehicle and remoter diagnostics if required, 



An electric mirror system, rear view cameras and ESP in 4x4 driving mode ensure safe driving of the Concept Fire Truck. Haptic feedback (vibrations) in the driver's seat draws the driver's attention to potential dangers on the road and thus intuitively supports them during navigation.


The combination of high acceleration and all-wheel drive ensures the excellent driving dynamics of the CFT. The vehicle is optimally balanced with a load distribution of around 50/50 and the low centre of gravity also ensures excellent road holding, which in turn significantly increases driving safety. 


With front wheel steering alone, the CFT reaches a turning circle of 15 meters. The all-wheel steering system achieves a reduced turning circle diameter of only 12 meters. The crab steering allows the vehicle to be moved sideways in tight driving situations and is particularly importance for maneuvering in cramped spaces.


Compact dimensions of 24.93 feet in length and 10.04 feet in height clearly set the CFT apart from other firefighting vehicles in its class. In addition, the CFT stands out due to its width of only 7.71 feet and the narrow sliding doors. The small dimensions have a positive effect on safe handling in dense urban areas. 


The CFT is equipped with two electric motors, which considerably reduce the noise and pollutant load compared to ordinary firefighting vehicles. Its electric drive is sufficient for 30 minutes of electrical operation and can also drive the extinguishing water pump. For a smooth and longer deployment, an additional diesel-operated range extended is installed in combination with a generator


The electric drive significantly reduces air and noise emissions. In particular, purely electric operation at the operational scene creates a great improvement in terms of local air pollutants, as well as a silent energy supply from the battery for the operation of auxiliary consumers. The range extender is an eco-efficient passenger car diesel engine that is significantly quieter and has a lower exhaust emissions than a truck engine.